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How many layers of paint DOES it take to cover a rock?

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Worthington Schools Website  - Contains some alumni information and info on the district.

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The Message Forum:
Hey gang, the Message Forum is a message board to use if you'd like folks to reply to your messages...  I know that MOST of you probably know this, but some folks are leaving questions in the Guest Book and I think it would be easier to reply to your questions if you'd ask in the forum... know what I mean?  So, c'mon and let's get talking in the Message Forum!  :)
Listing YOUR Class Information:
I was notified by a friend that I don't have a note here saying HOW to get your class listed on my site!  SORRY!  Geesh.   All you have to do is E-mail me!  I don't charge a thing for any of this,  unless you're independently wealthy and just want to send me money...   :)
Drop me a line at  send me pictures, reunion info, contact names, missing persons, whatever you like.
If anyone has any problems with any of the links and buttons on this site, please let me know.  I just found out that the Linworth link was problematic.  Should be all better now!  Have fun cruising the site.
Don't forget to leave your mark on the Guest Map! 

There are now  WHS Crest t-shirts, coffee mugs and frisbees available.  For information on ordering or to view, click on the link below.   The crest is the same as the one at the top of this page.  If you'd like me to make a t-shirt for your class reunion, just let me know.  Shirts ship within 5 business days.

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Your Website Hostess:  Jennifer Brown graduated from Worthington in 1980.  She attended both Linworth and "Main Campus".  In 1989, she moved to Alaska and lived there for over 7 years with the Worthington Sourdough Faction (Tim Sprout, Kevin Maxwell, Kim Maxwell).  After much prodding from Kirk Otis (Class of '78), she started this site in 1997.  The original site was one page and contained only a list of names.  Jen returned to Worthington in 1998 with her three children.  She is employed by Advanced Stucco Designs and lives and works in Worthington still.  Jen spends between 40 and 60 hours per month on this site and does it all for free (what a gal, eh?). 
Thank You's:
Special thanks to Brett Wright (Class of '80), Larry Bootes (Class of '80) , John Hitzemann (Class of '80) and Kerry Strayer (Class of '80) for their encouragement and friendship.  Thanks to Jeff Brown (Class of '85) for being my brother!  :)  Extra special thanks to my boss for allowing me to be online and fix up this site while I'm supposed to be working (Thanks RBW!)  Finally, thank you to Samantha, Zachary and Cheyenne for understanding that your mom is just a computer geek at heart and for allowing me to spend late nights in front of the glowing screen while you're sleeping.  I love you all.  -Jeni